Chaine Ye

Redesign of Automated Shader Optimization Tool

Tuner is an automated shader optimization tool, which can simplify the shader of the game and reduce the calculation pressure on the mobile phone when running the game, thereby effectively improving the high-quality game scene.

This project is a cooperation project with the alumni team in my spare time. I independently completed the interactive prototype design of the product v2.0 + v3.0, and built the product framework from 0-1.

The product has been delivered to many customers, which greatly improves the smoothness of the operation process and customer satisfaction.

Interaction Design


ToB, SaaS, Tool, Redesign

Sep 2021 - May 2022

This project is under NDA so there's really few I can share with you here. If you are interested, we can discuss more details in the job interview 👀.
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